AndyDirksPer James Schmehl of MLive, Jim Leyland has dropped Brennan Boesch to eighth in the order. In his place will be left fielder Andy Dirks.

I recommended Alex Avila for the position yesterday, but it looks like Leylend has not heeded my advice. Dirks has a .302 batting average this season, but hasn't yet drawn a walk in 44 plate appearances. So, even though his average says "he's a good hitter", his on-base percentage is just .318 meaning he makes an out a bit more often than the average major leaguer does.

Still, he's been producing a lot more then Brennan Boesch has this year, so the move is probably a good one (even if it's not the perfect one). Hopefully Boesch will take the move down as an opportunity to clear his head at the plate, because he hits the ball as hard as anyone when he's swinging the bat well.

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