When it comes to sports, many of us have a love of the game, but only the few, the proud, the super fan can say that sports are a way of life. They simply can’t get enough. It’s like they eat, sleep, and breath sports. These fanatical super fans (which is a bit redundant, since fan is short for fanatic) have such a deep seated passion for sports that it affects every aspect of their lives. That’s why, for some, there’s simply not enough sports in their day to day; simply catching the weekly games isn’t enough. Here are some ways to cram even more sports into your life.


First and foremost, simulating sporting events is one great way to engage with your hobby. For example, sports video games, such as the Madden football series of games and the Fifa series, allow you to pit together whatever two teams you want to see and actively participate for one side or the other. Even better, a friend can play the opposing team. In many cases, you can even run with the same team over many games in a career mode that also entails more managerial aspects. If the latter sounds great to you, you may also like fantasy football. Fantasy football allows you to use real players and their real life stats to simulate games across a season, and you can mix and match different players from different teams.


Of course, sometimes there’s just no substitute for seeing a sporting event live and in person, so why not dress up in some fresh duds, complete with some Famous Footwear, and head to your team’s home stadium for a game with your family? This is a HUGE step up from watching at home. Something about being there, even if your view isn’t great, boosts the rush you get from watching your team duke it out with the competition.